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Patient and Kind
I was extremely happy with most of the folks I spoke with during my time at Key West. It took me 3 days of visiting the dealership to make sure I was making the right decision on the vehicle for my needs and my budget. All staff but one understood that this purchase wasn't an easy one to make within my budget. Peter Olsen, Michael Nokes and Robert Klaus really understood why I needed to take my time and research all my options. I appreciated their kindness and patience and didn't feel at all pressured into the sale.
Good dealers
Helpful and honest dealers. Car was well inspected and in advertised good condition. Overall the service was good and the sale was fair. Dean was great!
F350 truck
I saw an ad for a F350 at the lot. The truck was not on the lot due to construction. It took a day to get the truck so I could see it. I made a deal and drove it away that afternoon. Happy with the vehicle. Sales person was new to Key West and lacked knowledge of all the options on the truck.
Over and above
They were great. They did everything in their power to help us. They really know there stuff. They took the time to explain everything and answer all if our questions. They really want to make that we got everything we needed and more.
Honest and Trustworthy Dealership
There were a few hiccups that came along with our purchase of a pre-owned vehicle but I was impressed with how much effort was taken to remedy the situation and make sure we were feeling great about our purchase. The dealership really went above and beyond to get us in a vehicle that was safe and good quality! Jeff was very attentive both on-site and through follow-up calls, addressing concerns, and doing everything in his power to remedy the situation. I would highly recommend working with Jeff who was easy going, enthusiastic, and kept the process very simple. In the end, we are very happy with our new (to us!) vehicle and I'm glad we went through this journey with Key West Ford and Jeff.
Good experience
This was one of the best experiences I have had at a dealership. Thanks to Jag, Nick, and Mike for their help getting me into a great vehicle.
Got my dream car with a very good deal
One of my best experience ever, staff is so kind , also deals are awesome. They helps me a lot to get my dream car within my budget. Big thanks to peter olson.
Honest and a pleasure to wok with.
I bought a used truck which needed a bit of service. Key West Ford did not hesitate to insure the truck lived up to what they promised.
Efficient and Courteous!
I moved to Vancouver from Toronto and was in need of a truck. Pete was able to source one that I was looking for from Alberta and had it delivered quickly and was very communicative in terms of delivery status throughout. He was even kind enough to send me some recommendations for places to go around New West with me being new to the area. Thanks Pete!
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Latest Ford News For Vancouver And New Westminster B.C. Drivers
used car sale new westminster bcOctober is the month of spooky surprises and ghostly tales - but there’s nothing scary about the 120 Hour Sale! Key West Ford offers drivers the best deals in the Lower Mainland.

Visit our lot today to find incredible discounts, with the final day of the 120 Hour Sale connecting you to B.C.’s most popular new and used models. Choose:

A 2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser for only $5,800!

A 2007 Chevrolet Cobalt for only $6,900!

A 2008 Nissan Versa for only $7,500!

A 2010 Hyundai Elantra for only $8,500!

A 2010 Chevrolet Impala for only $11,800!

... and much more!

Key West Ford delivers access to the best names in automotives and the best prices. Our 120 Hour Sale promises exceptional savings... but only for today! It’s your last chance to experience B.C.’s biggest discounts. Hurry to our lot and find the perfect car.

To learn more about the 120 Hour Sale - as well as complementary promotions, such as Employee Pricing - contact us today.
The Ford Explorer inspires thoughts of forgotten trails and distant horizons. Since 1990, this SUV has allowed drivers to challenge every environment, delivering exceptional power and terrain adaptability - and the 2016 model is no exception.

With its 2.3L engine and Intelligent four-wheel drivetrain, the 2016 Explorer promises effortless performance. Enhanced traction systems combine with a stabilizing MacPherson strut suspension, ensuring a responsive ride across every road. It’s the ultimate option for adventurers.

It’s also the ultimate option for environmentalists - because Ford has fused the Explorer with a series of recycled materials and sustainable practices. Check it out!

The 2016 Explorer is truly a next-generation model, blending premier performance with green-tinted assemblages. This SUV utilizes a series of eco-friendly options, including:

Seatbacks and seat cushions made from soy.
Seat bolster fabrics made from recycled yarns.
Insulation made from recycled denim materials.
Wiring brackets and storage bins made from tomato peels.
... and much more!

Each of these elements combines to ensure that the Explorer is more environmentally-sound, adopting a recycle-reuse-reduce philosophy with every mile.

Going green has never been easier!

To learn more about the 2016 Explorer - as well as Ford’s sustainability processes - contact us today.

On October 13th, Key West Ford shared the story of the Collins family (Jeremy, Tricia, and their two children) as they prepared themselves for an unusual adventure - to drive across the United States in the 2016 Ford Explorer. This coast-to-coast trip was meant to disconnect them from their daily demands and foster a sense of wonder.

Now we’re happy to provide the next chapter of this Ford tale!

Watch below as Jeremy and Tricia Collins narrate their experiences in the Explorer and how these experiences have changed their family dynamics.

A cross-country venture seems impossible, but the 2016 Explorer turns that impossibility into a convenience. This SUV delivers power (a 2.3L engine), economy (EcoBoost technology), and adaptability (a terrain management system). Its front-wheel drivetrain effortlessly navigates even the toughest environments, and its advanced features - including lane-keeping technology, a BLIS system, and collision warning sensors - promote security. This makes it an ideal option for trips.

It also makes it an ideal option for the Collins family, helping them rediscover both themselves and the road. We look forward to the next phase of their coast-to-coast holiday.

To learn more about the 2016 Explorer contact us today!

In 1965 Ford revolutionized the commercial market, introducing drivers to the next generation of E-Series innovation - the Transit. This truck, noted for its square shape and V6 engine, emphasized everyday performance, with its expansive cab proving more adaptable than traditional pick-ups. It was a unique addition to the European highways.

That addition eventually came to North America, spawning multiple generations and new innovations - and now a 2016 Transit has come to continue the tradition. This vehicle promises efficiency, economy, and versatility: with its customizable cab allowing drivers to fulfill all of their industry needs. 

Watch below as Ford showcases the 2016 Transit and its many uses!

The 2016 Transit delivers undeniable performance. Its 3.2L Power Stroke engine offers turbocharged power, while flex-fuel capabilities ensures premium economy. The true value of this model, however, has always been its configurations - and this one doesn’t disappoint, boasting up to 487.3 cu.-ft of interior space and 237 possible designs. This allows the drivers to shape the truck with ease.

Use this model for every day and every need.

To learn more about the 2016 Transit - as well as other Ford commercial options - contact us today!

The 120 Hour Sale Ends Tomorrow At Key West Ford!

(Posted on Oct 24, 2015 at 11:15AM by Lee Byard)
used car sale new westminster bcDo you hear that, B.C. drivers? It’s the sound of stellar savings slipping slowly away. The 120 Hour Sale is winding down.

On October 21st, Key West Ford launched the 120 Hour Sale, connecting drivers to reduced prices and dealer discounts. This promotion was defined by its deadline, though, and time is starting to run out. Tomorrow is the final day to save!

Don’t miss out on the Lower Mainland’s biggest inventory and best prices. Let us provide you with access to new and used models, including:

A 2009 Ford Focus for only $8,900!

A 2007 Ford Escape for only $9,990!

A 2006 Ford E-250 for only $10,800!

A 2014 Ford Fiesta for only $14,800!

... and much more!

Searching for the perfect car? Come to Key West Ford, where the 120 Hour Sale promises exceptional deals on sedans, hatchbacks, commercial trucks, and more. Expect high performance and low prices.

To learn more about the 120 Hour Sale - as well as other Key West promotions - contact us today.
2015 ford f150 for sale new westminster bcSearching for the perfect car and the perfect cost? Come to Key West Ford - where our bi-weekly sales promise both!

Key West Ford is dedicated to superior service and equally superior sales. This is why we now offer drivers two exclusive opportunities: the bi-weekly Focus event and the bi-weekly F-150 event. Each provides incredible pricing and record-low financing, making them ideal for those in need of high-performance cars.

The Focus Event

This event delivers incredible savings, requiring $0 down and 0% interest for a 2015 Focus. Budget-friendly bi-weekly payments (only $85.00) ensure that every driver can take advantage of turbocharged power, auto-stop-start technology, and sleek styling.

The F-150 Event

This event requires $0 down and only 0.99% interest, letting drivers easily afford a 2015 F-150 XLT. Combine these low rates with a bi-weekly payment schedule ($185.00) to secure aluminum efficiency, best-in-class towing, and more.

Looking for a hot hatchback? Need a premier pickup? Come to Key West Ford, where our bi-weekly sales offer both! 

Finding the right car - and the right price - has never been so easy.

To learn more about these and other Key West promotions contact us today!
Work smart, not hard. This is the philosophy the drives the 2016 F-150, with Ford enhancing the blue-collar experience.

The F-150 has forever reigned as North America’s pick-up powerhouse, adapting to an endless series of towing and payload demands. Ford now wishes, however, to turn these demands into conveniences - which is why it’s fusing its 2016 truck with a bevy of tailgate and trailer features. Check it out!

Through a series of innovations - including a deployable box-side step, a tailgate step (with lift assist), and a remote release tailgate - Ford has engineered the F-150 for success. This pick-up helps drivers perform their tasks more effectively, saving both time and effort. Every job becomes simpler; every mile becomes efficient.

That’s the value of working smart.

To learn more about the 2016 F-150’s new class-exclusive features click here.

Be sure to contact us with any questions or comments as well. Our team will happily provide spec comparisons, explanations, and more.

In Honor of ‘Back To The Future’, Ford Gets Its Own Flux Capacitor

(Posted on Oct 23, 2015 at 03:54AM by Lee Byard)
On July 3rd, 1985, the cinema highway was forever changed - with a DeLorean crashing through the barriers of time, space, and entertainment. Back to the Future had arrived, and audiences were soon immersed in the adventures of Marty McFly and Emmett ‘Doc’ Brown.

That immersion continues even today. The film has (rightfully) achieved commercial, critical, and cult success, with new generations discovering its concepts of time travel. It’s a family favorite.

It’s also a Ford favorite - which is why the company is releasing a limited-edition flux capacitor for the Focus and Fiesta! Check it out!

To celebrate this classic film, Ford is offering drivers a piece of pop-culture: a flux capacitor. This is the ultimate accessory for Future fans, as well as those wishing to update their center consoles with something sleeker than a smartphone. The company stresses, however, that interfering with historical events is dangerous and could have unintended consequences for all of humanity. Use this accessory with caution (and more than a little good humor).

Want to fuse your week with even more Back to the Future events? NBC News shares this unique list of film-inspired fun. Get your hoverboard ready and your Ford revved up!

It’s time to go back... to the dealership!

Ford Showcases The F-150’s Enhanced Performance

(Posted on Oct 23, 2015 at 03:47AM by Lee Byard)
The aluminum revolution has begun.

When Ford first launched the 2015 F-150, critics, analysts, and drivers all voiced their concerns - questioning the lack of steel, doubting the new design. How could this pick-up endure the daily demands of construction, agriculture, towing, and more? It seemed impossible.

The arrival of the 2016 F-150, however, proves that the impossible has turned into a reality - with Ford showcasing the power of aluminum. Check it out!

The 2016 F-150 delivers exceptional results: best-in-class towing (12,200 lbs.), best-in-class payloads (3,270 lbs.), and the F-Series’ fastest acceleration time (with 700 pounds removed from the frame to enhance the overall performance). These elements combine for Ford’s most resilient - and most tested - pick-up ever.

And it’s made out of aluminum!

Despite the initial apprehensions, the removal of steel materials hasn’t hindered the F-150’s results. The truck is now lighter, faster, and more responsive - making it ideal for every job site. Change is indeed a good thing.

To learn more about the 2016 F-150 contact us today!

In 1999 the highways, byways, and back-roads were changing - dominated no more by massive SUVs and pick-ups, with drivers hitting full-throttle speeds at every turn. Instead compact options reigned supreme, with crossovers moving economically down every street. These vehicles were smaller, lighter, and less expensive; and they proved immediately popular with North Americans.

Ford wished to claim some of that popularity for its own, which is why it debuted the Escape in early 2000. This crossover delivered power, performance, and efficiency - making it the perfect compromise for those in search of a family-friendly off-roader.

Now, fifteen years later, Ford is premiering yet another Escape for drivers to enjoy. Check out the 2016 edition!

According to AutoFocus, the 2016 Escape rules the Canadian charts, generating impressive sales and steady interest. It’s topped its nearest competitors - the Honda CR-V and the Nissan Rouge - and it’s also paved the way for other Ford models to enter the compact arena (the Edge and Escape both feature in the Top 25). It’s the best-selling vehicle in its class.

We think it will keep that title for many years to come.

To learn more about the 2016 Escape - as well as other Ford compact options - contact us today.