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Great place
We went to key west to trade in our car. We didn’t know what to expect. The staff made it a positive experience. We are now enjoying our new 2018 Ford Escape Titanium.
My Purchase with Peter Olson
When I met Peter he first started by asked as many questions as he could about the truck I was looking for. My use of the truck, the age of the truck, the price range, interior style, preferred colour and so on. Peter called and had a few trucks for me to look at and drive to compare. I spent about 3 hours with Peter and it was a casual afternoon and a lot of questions were answered.I enjoyed my purchase with Peter.
Glad we’re lost!!
Me and my wife was lost looking for the car dealer we want to go so glad we passed by Keywest Ford and met Allan. He’s such a terrific salesperson. He’s got answers to all our questions and a lot of things he could suggest for a very good deal. Our Experience going there was 👍🏼 Great!!!customer service is awesome!!! And we went back home with our dream car!! Thanks as well Gurj for all your help!!! 👍🏼👍🏼👌
Positive Experience
We purchased a truck from Colton H. Yesterday. It was a pleasure working with him.. He was professional, personable and efficient. The whole process was positive ......even the financing with Nicholas T (who was very accommodating, informative and pleasant) was stress free. Thanks to both of you! Nancy and Brad
Fantastic Salesman, beware additional fees!
I purchased a vehicle from Alan at the beginning of the month and he was a pleasure to work with. Very quick response to my email enquiry and set up a test drive at my convenience. He was friendly and professional throughout the entire process making sure that the whole transaction was a pleasant one. However, the dealership has a couple of additional fees they add to your purchase after you've agreed to a price. A $199 insurance transfer fee and a $795 service fee which added $1000 to the final invoice presented for signature. No mention of these fees before this which was disappointing. Fees are a necessary evil when buying a vehicle but this dealership needs to be up front about them like they are with the documentation fee of $599.
Fantastic experience!
We have just purchased a car from Robert and it was a great experience. We inquired about a car via email and Robert was extremely fast to respond by email as well as by phone. Robert was very friendly and professional and helped us to purchase the exact car we wanted. The whole transaction was fast and painless due to a great team at Key West Ford Sales Ltd. I would recommend Robert to anyone who looks for a new or a used car. Thank you very much!
New F150 purchase
Right from when I drove onto the lot Robert was very professional and knowledgeable and easy to deal with which made the whole process of purchasing my first truck a breeze.
Wife's first car !
I went to key West to find a vehicle for my wife for Christmas. Stressed out with all the garbage on Craigslist al helped me get into I decent vehicle and make her morning special. This was my second vehicle purchased from key West and i will be back for my third. Thanks Allen
Sales Experience
Dealt with Jag in sales and Nicholas in Financing. Great experience with both guys. No BS ! The perfect way to buy a vehicle. Would definitely deal with these guys again
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Key West Ford Blogs - Latest Ford News
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Watch The Ford GT Rev Past 700 HP

(Posted on Jun 4, 2015 at 09:19AM by Lee Byard)

Since 1991 Hennessey has served as the premier North American performance house. Through open-road tuning and proving ground trials it’s redefined automotives, revving up torque ratios for the world’s leading manufacturers.

And it’s now turning its attention to the Ford GT.

Watch below as Hennessey delivers incredible power, transforming the GT into a 774 HP beast. Through a specialized kit - which blends a supercharger, stainless steel exhaust system and revised fuel injectors - the car achieves 0 to 60 in a mere 3.4 seconds. This combines with 648 lb.-ft of torque for shockingly fast (and shockingly good) results. 

The Ford GT promises superior power on the track. Hennessey’s kit option, however, transforms superior into exceptional - and we can’t wait to try it out!

To learn more about the Ford GT contact us today!

In 2011 the Ford Ranger was discontinued in North America. This compact powerhouse - which had once dominated the pick-up charts - was no longer deemed profitable, with its 2.3L Duratec engine generating HP but not sales. It was replaced with the F-150.

Internationally, however, the truck is still produced and continues to impress - particularly in Australia, where it was recently named the best 4x4 UTE. Check it out!

The Ford Ranger has been much missed in North America. Canadian and US drivers alike have clamored for a replacement, and news of an impending 2016 model sparked hope. Would it cross the sea and come home? Would a compact option be once again available?

The Key West team is sad to report that Ford currently has no plans to bring the Ranger back. It's viewed as a direct competitor of the F-150 and could potentially damage F-Series sales. This leaves North American drivers without the smaller, streamlined experiences they deserve... and Australian drivers celebrating quality performances.

We’re thinking about taking a trip to the outback - what about you?

It’s happened again: you’ve found the last remaining parking space, a tiny slot shoved between two monstrous cars. You stare at it, questioning both the distance and your abilities. Can you manage to slide safely within it? Can you navigate the perilous inches?

After much deliberation... you drive away, leaving the space for a braver soul.

This scenario plays out every day in BC, forcing drivers to endlessly search for available spots, keeping them in states of perpetual frustration. Ford now wants to spare them - and you - this frustration: by offering Park Assist technology.

Park Assist delivers superior maneuverability in urban environments. The system automatically adjusts to even the tightest spaces, allowing you to easily slip in.

We can’t wait to test this tech out in New Westminster - how about you?

To learn more about Park Assist and other Ford safety options contact us today!

key west ford 2015 show and shine new westminster bcGet ready, New Westminster! The celebration of the year will soon begin.... and you’re all invited!

Key West Ford is excited to announce the return of our Show and Shine festival. This annual event - which draws almost 200,000 visitors from across BC - delivers exceptional fun, blending the best in live and chrome-covered entertainment.

Are you excited? We certainly are!


Columbia Street
Downtown New Westminster


July 15th


10 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Family Entertainment

Live performances (including dancers and DJs), face-painting, the Kids’ Zone and much more.

Automotive Entertainment

Racing simulators, AIM Performance demonstrations, ROUSH showcases, the Key West Ford Car Show and much more.

The 2015 Show and Shine promises to be our biggest festival yet - and we can’t wait to see you there!

To learn more about this event contact us today!

Every Ford owner knows the rush of the milestone kilometer - the first, the hundredth, the thousandth. Each one signals an important step of the automotive journey, reminding of roads traveled and adventures had.

Gary Dicks - proud driver of a Ford Escape - knows this feeling all too well. He’s about to reach his 500,000 kilometer! Watch below as he drives toward a goal few have the patience (or ability) to reach.

Gary Dicks embraces the Ford philosophy: to Go Further. His dedication (along with the Escape’s rugged design, which promises four-wheel drive, stability control technology and a best-in-class towing capacity) has allowed him to achieve a rare engine milestone, and it’s certain to help him achieve even more in the future.

How many kilometers have you logged in your Ford? Let us know!

Be sure to contact us with any questions about the Escape or similar SUVs as well.

The 2015 Edge - which has been completely redesigned, blending Ford’s signature style with EcoBoost technology, an active grille and paddle-shifting transmission - embraces high performance. Its bold look complements an equally bold twin-scroll engine, and it delivers Intelligent AWD on every road.

This hatchback offers more than easy miles, however. Instead it utilizes Ford’s Liftgate technology, allowing drivers to quickly access their cargo spaces at all times. Check it out!

The 2015 Edge promises superior convenience for every day. Rely on Liftgate technology for errands, adventures and every moment in between! 

To learn more about the 2015 Edge contact us today.

2015 ford escape dealer new westminster bcThe Ford Escape - with its 2.0L engine, 240 HP capabilities and turbocharged technology - delivers undeniable performance. It’s an all-wheel powerhouse, utilizing intuitive traction control to conquer even the sharpest corners. This, combined with its rugged construction and five-seat configuration, has made it a favorite of families and adventurers alike.

And now it’s getting an upgrade.

Check out these photos of the 2017 Escape! The model (which was spied recently in Australia, suggesting that Ford has already begun its rigorous testing process - taking advantage of the hot climate and dusty landscapes to push the car to its limits) features a decidedly sporty look. Thinner intake valves, along with LED headlights, create an Edge-like appearance.

Do you approve? We do!

The 2017 Escape - which will be known internationally as the Kuga - is rumored for a late release next year. We hope to see it on the roads before then, however, and can’t wait to try its many upgrades.

To learn more about the 2017 Escape contact us today.

Ford Debuts New F-150 SVT

(Posted on Jun 2, 2015 at 06:45AM by Lee Byard)

2015 ford raptor svt dealer new westminster bcFord Performance - a dedicated racing line, delivering high speeds and exceptional power - has transformed the sales charts. Recent introductions to the GT350R, the Focus RS and the Siesta ST have revved up rally interest, and drivers across the globe have been eager to test these models on the track.

A new addition to the Performance family is certain to increase that eagerness.

Check out the 2017 Raptor SVT! This F-150 variant - rumored to house a 3.5L V6 turbocharger - offers dual-exhaust styling, with an extended cab and widened front. This creates a stockier frame than current F-Series models. That, when combined with the truck’s appearance outside of Ford’s ROUSH workshop, suggests that this is indeed a next-gen Performance option.

Are you excited? We certainly are!

With the release of the 2017 Raptor SVT Ford should continue to dominate pick-up and performance sales alike. We can’t wait to push this model to the limits - whether on the track or on the backroads.

To learn more about the 2017 Raptor SVT contact us today!

2015 ford mustang dealer new westminster bcWith the release of the 2015 Mustang Ford redefined the sports market. Through line lock precision and EcoBoost efficiency, this pony-car has revved to the top of the charts - dominating both North America and Europe. It's fused best-in-class economy with exceptional performance, making it the perfect addition to the fastback family.

Ford isn’t content to rest on its chrome-covered laurels, however. Instead it’s already planning for the future... and a 2016 Mustang will soon arrive!

Want to see it?

Check out these spy images of the 2016 Mustang. Note the sleek look, which blends blackout grille details with 5.0 fender emblems. A black-painted roof adds racerback style, and the signature GT swoop makes an appearance.

No official release date for the 2016 Mustang has been set. The Key West team expects this car to arrive soon, however, and can’t wait to test it on the track.

To learn more about the 2016 Mustang contact us today!

The ‘Get Even More’ Event Ends Today!

(Posted on Jun 1, 2015 at 09:49AM by Lee Byard)

key west ford get even more new westminster bcWant more? Get More!

The Key West Ford Get Even More event continues through today, giving drivers a final chance to enjoy superior savings.

This promotion promises the best deals in BC, offering up to $750.00 cash invectives for every new vehicle purchase. Drivers can choose the perfect car and then receive bonus bucks. It’s the ultimate discount extravaganza!

It’s only available for a limited time, however, and will end today. Drivers wanting to secure the best prices in the Lower Mainland should hurry, therefore, to our lot. Choose from a variety of 2014 and 2015 models, including:

2015 Ford Escape - $29,689!

2014 Ford F-150 - $34,500!

2014 Ford Explorer - #34,800!

2015 Ford Fusion - $38,349!

... and much more!

Don’t miss out on the year’s best incentive sale. Visit Key West Ford today to Get Even More!