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Great place
We went to key west to trade in our car. We didn’t know what to expect. The staff made it a positive experience. We are now enjoying our new 2018 Ford Escape Titanium.
My Purchase with Peter Olson
When I met Peter he first started by asked as many questions as he could about the truck I was looking for. My use of the truck, the age of the truck, the price range, interior style, preferred colour and so on. Peter called and had a few trucks for me to look at and drive to compare. I spent about 3 hours with Peter and it was a casual afternoon and a lot of questions were answered.I enjoyed my purchase with Peter.
Glad we’re lost!!
Me and my wife was lost looking for the car dealer we want to go so glad we passed by Keywest Ford and met Allan. He’s such a terrific salesperson. He’s got answers to all our questions and a lot of things he could suggest for a very good deal. Our Experience going there was 👍🏼 Great!!!customer service is awesome!!! And we went back home with our dream car!! Thanks as well Gurj for all your help!!! 👍🏼👍🏼👌
Positive Experience
We purchased a truck from Colton H. Yesterday. It was a pleasure working with him.. He was professional, personable and efficient. The whole process was positive ......even the financing with Nicholas T (who was very accommodating, informative and pleasant) was stress free. Thanks to both of you! Nancy and Brad
Fantastic Salesman, beware additional fees!
I purchased a vehicle from Alan at the beginning of the month and he was a pleasure to work with. Very quick response to my email enquiry and set up a test drive at my convenience. He was friendly and professional throughout the entire process making sure that the whole transaction was a pleasant one. However, the dealership has a couple of additional fees they add to your purchase after you've agreed to a price. A $199 insurance transfer fee and a $795 service fee which added $1000 to the final invoice presented for signature. No mention of these fees before this which was disappointing. Fees are a necessary evil when buying a vehicle but this dealership needs to be up front about them like they are with the documentation fee of $599.
Fantastic experience!
We have just purchased a car from Robert and it was a great experience. We inquired about a car via email and Robert was extremely fast to respond by email as well as by phone. Robert was very friendly and professional and helped us to purchase the exact car we wanted. The whole transaction was fast and painless due to a great team at Key West Ford Sales Ltd. I would recommend Robert to anyone who looks for a new or a used car. Thank you very much!
New F150 purchase
Right from when I drove onto the lot Robert was very professional and knowledgeable and easy to deal with which made the whole process of purchasing my first truck a breeze.
Wife's first car !
I went to key West to find a vehicle for my wife for Christmas. Stressed out with all the garbage on Craigslist al helped me get into I decent vehicle and make her morning special. This was my second vehicle purchased from key West and i will be back for my third. Thanks Allen
Sales Experience
Dealt with Jag in sales and Nicholas in Financing. Great experience with both guys. No BS ! The perfect way to buy a vehicle. Would definitely deal with these guys again
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Key West Ford Blogs - Latest Ford News
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What Are Your Summer Plans?

(Posted on Jun 14, 2016 at 12:23PM by Lee Byard)
ford mustang for sale bcControlled chaos now reigns at the Key West Ford lot - with our team hurrying to prepare for summer, trying to balance B.C.’s best prices and the Lower Mainland’s largest inventory. We’re revving up our promotions for June 20th, knowing that a new season demands new sales.

We’re also looking toward the horizon - with the open road proving impossible to resist. We’re planning to explore everything that B.C. has to offer, and we know our customers will do the same. What are your plans for summer? Where will the Go Further spirit take you?

Will an Escape power through unfamiliar terrains?
Will a F-150 offer best-in-class towing to destinations unknown?
Will a Mustang roar down the highway?
Will a Fusion Hybrid deliver efficiency and fun?
Will an Edge offer sporty family adventures?

Ford’s 2016 line-up offers power, performance, and comfort for all summer holidays - and we’re proud to provide these options to our customers. Where will your roads lead this season? Share your plans with us today!

Don’t forget to visit the Key West Ford lot during summer as well. We’re offering B.C.’s lowest prices and biggest rewards!

Ford F-Series Dominates May Sales

(Posted on Jun 14, 2016 at 12:15PM by Lee Byard)
ford f series trucks for sale bc2016 is proving to be the year of the F-Series, with Ford’s signature pick-ups (including the F-150 and Raptor) breaking records with every passing day. The full-size market is crowded, but consumers are clearly favoring one brand - and the month of May ended with a staggering series of sales.

According to 24/7 Wall St., Ford earned 67,412 total units in May. This marks a 9% year-over-year increase from 2015, with the F-Series dominating over 40% of the full-size market. That number stunned analysts (but not the Key West team) and left the competition behind:

GMC Silverado: 45,035 Units.
GMC Sierra: 17,642 Units.
Dodge Ram: 38,833 Units.
Toyota Tundra: 9,739 Units.
Toyota Titan: 922 Units.
Nissan Frontier: 7,941 Units.

The F-Series effortlessly pushed past the market’s leading brands, delivering a new sales high for May. We anticipate that June will follow this same pattern, with strong consumer response from the F-150 and F-250 generating further purchases.

For more than three decades, the F-Series has dominated the charts - and 2016 will add yet another award to its tally.

To learn more about the F-Series contact us today.

The Bi-Weekly Events Continue At Key West Ford

(Posted on Jun 12, 2016 at 05:13PM by Lee Byard)
summer car sale vancouver bcBudget has become an unfortunate part of your everyday lexicon - with the word squeezed between clenched teeth and scowling lips. You count your coins with the greatest of care (and reluctance), and you spend your days reciting all the things that are simply too expensive to afford.

Key West Ford believes you deserve a reward for your efforts. This is why we’re currently hosting B.C.’s most budget-friendly sales events!

Join us as our Bi-Weekly F-150 and Escape SE events continue, with each boasting access to premium power, performance, and savings.

The Bi-Weekly 2016 F-150 Event

The 2016 F-150 XLT delivers exceptional performance, offering drivers a maximum payload capacity of 2,157 pounds and a maximum trailering capacity of 8,900 pounds. This allows it to adapt to work and play - and, through a bi-weekly rate of only $180.00, it can also adapt to every budget.

The Bi-Weekly 2016 Escape SE Event

The 2016 Escape SE is an all-terrain powerhouse, offering a maximum towing capacity of 2,000 pounds and available all-wheel-drive for seamless off-road performance. Pair that with the newly improved SYNC 3 for a truly enhanced experience - and, for only $145.00 every two weeks, this SUV delivers great value as well.

Budgeting is essential. Through our Bi-Weekly Events, however, is can also be a convenience. Contact us today to learn more about these sales!

Watch The Ford RS RX In Action At Lydden Hill

(Posted on Jun 12, 2016 at 05:05PM by Lee Byard)
Between the quaint corners of Canterbury and Dover sprawls Lydden Hill - a one mile circuit that delivers full-throttle thrills. Founded in 1955, it’s become one of England’s premier racing tracks, fusing high speeds with a series of challenging twists. Manufacturers and rally teams alike seek it out each year to test their latest engine designs.

Ford is no exception - recently pitting its 2016 Focus RS RX against the signature Lydden Hill turns. Watch below to see the results!

Lydden Hill was the perfect starting point for the RX’s track journey. According to AutoWeek, the rallycross racer will soon dominate European roads - with its 2.0L inline-4 turbocharger revving from 0 to 60 in a mere two seconds. That number proves staggering and it will surely help the RX shatter several records in 2016.

Those records won’t extend to the public domain, however. Key West Ford is sad to announce that the 600 HP Focus RS RX is currently only available for the championship circuit. Don’t expect to see it, therefore, powering through B.C.’s backroads.

We’ll try to console ourselves by watching the Lydden Hill footage again and again - and we know our customers will do the same.

To learn more about the 2016 Focus RS RX contact us today.

Ford Showcases Safety Innovations For 2016

(Posted on Jun 6, 2016 at 04:29AM by Lee Byard)
Distracted driving is dangerous driving. This is a truth learned by far too many families each year - with the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) offering a staggering series of statistics:

84% of distracted driving related fatalities are linked to carelessness or inattentiveness.

80% of all collisions involve some form of distracted driving.

65% of all near-crashes involve some form of distracted driving.

Distracted drivers are three times more likely to be involved in a crash than attentive drivers.

There are approximately four million collisions linked to distracted driving each year.

These numbers prove all too common - and all too avoidable. Drivers can drastically reduce the chances of a crash or collision through simple focus: eliminating distractions, monitoring road conditions, and choosing vehicles that offer key safety features.

Ford provides those features. Watch below as it highlights its recent strategies to counter distracted driving.

Through a variety of innovations - including inflatable seat-belts and pre-collision warnings - Ford has helped drivers to enhance their safety on road. The brand has pushed for smarter construction and intuitive platforms, tailoring every mile to prevention and protection.

Key West Ford urges our customers to consider this when searching for new vehicles. Fuel efficiency and power are important - but security is undeniable. Allow us to connect you to the technologies you deserve.

To learn more contact us today.

The 2016 Ford Explorer Powers Past Competitors

(Posted on Jun 6, 2016 at 04:23AM by Lee Byard)
Summer will soon arrive - and with it will come the promise of open miles and new horizons. Those horizons will remain out-of-reach, however, if B.C. drivers slip behind the wheels of the wrong cars. Power, performance, and passenger comfort are needed for these seasonal adventures.

Ford suggests relying on its 2016 Explorer.

While there are many SUVs, there is only one Explorer. Watch below as Ford highlights the value of EcoBoost efficiency, enhanced technology, and tri-row convenience - which its competitors simply can’t provide.

With the release of the 2016 Explorer, Ford is pushing the SUV market toward next-generation innovation. This four-cylinder workhorse delivers all-terrain power, combining:

Adaptive Cruise Control.
Lane-Keeping Systems.
Active Grille Shutters.
Enhanced Park Assistance.
Intelligent Four-Wheel-Drive.
Sport-Tuned Suspension.
All-Season 18-Inch Wheels.
... and much more!

Ready for a summer escape? The 2016 Explorer lets every driver push past every mile - and discover what’s waiting beyond.

To learn more about this and other Ford SUVs contact us today!

2016 Ford F-150 Offers Environmentally-Friendly Construction

(Posted on Jun 4, 2016 at 03:17PM by Lee Byard)
2016 ford f150 dealer bcIn 2015 Ford introduced the world to a series of sustainable strategies - all tailored to enhancing the driving experience while simultaneously reducing carbon footprints. These strategies (which fused smart mobility with eco-friendly materials) helped to lessen the impact of automotive production, and they propelled the brand toward a brighter future.

They also set the stage for increased recycling in 2016.

According to Green Car Reports, Ford is embracing a recycle-reuse-reduce policy for its 2016 F-150 - utilizing 20 million pounds of previously scrapped aluminum each month to construct the new military-strength frame. Through this, the company is drastically reducing resource consumption and emissions alike (using recycled materials eliminates 95% of all greenhouse gases). It’s creating a platform of power, performance, and sustainability.

This, Key West team knows, is essential - with the 2016 F-150 showcasing the value of conservation-centric construction. The truck is Ford’s most environmentally-friendly model eve, and it propels the market toward new possibilities. Competitors will soon take notice.

Some, Green Car Reports notes, already have - with Jaguar taking advantage of recycled aluminum for its XE. This pushes Ford’s strategies from the pick-up sector to the luxury sedan.

We’re certainly impressed.

To learn more about the 2016 F-150 and its environmental solutions contact us today.

Check Out This 3,200 HP Mustang Supercharger

(Posted on Jun 4, 2016 at 03:06PM by Lee Byard)
Don’t blink. Don’t look away. Don’t let your eyes drift from the road for even a moment - because, if you do, you’ll miss the blitz of a 3,200 HP Mustang.

The Drive recently reported the staggering arrival of a 3,200 HP Mustang Fox. This supercharged pony-car - a custom-built creation from New York native and dragster, Mike Modeste - delivers power previously thought impossible, with its 670 cubic-inch engine achieving 184 MPH in a mere 4.18 seconds.

Stunned? We certainly were - especially after watching the Mustang Fox in action. Check it out!

The Mustang Fox is a tribute to the rally scene (Modeste himself is a six-time drag racing champion). Twin ProCharger F-1Xs propel it down the track, transforming it from convertible to blue blur. It's the only model of its kind and is the perfect fusion of pony performance and sport-tuned aggression.

The Key West team wishes we could slip behind the wheel - and we know our customers feel the same. Share your thoughts about this one-of-a-kind powerhouse!

Be sure to contact us with any questions about the current Ford Mustang as well! We'll happily provide spec information or schedule a test-drive.

Our Customer Appreciation Sale Ends Today!

(Posted on May 31, 2016 at 09:18AM by Lee Byard)
customer appreciation car sale vancouver bcOn May 21st Key West Ford launched the ultimate savings extravaganza - connecting drivers to the Lower Mainland’s largest inventory and best prices. The Customer Appreciation Sale delivered premium rewards on all new and used models.

Sadly, those rewards will soon disappear... because the Customer Appreciation Sale ends today!

Don’t miss out on B.C.’s most exclusive event. Join us as our sale continues, with our team offering customers the savings they deserve. We’ve marked-down the entire lot, fusing popular models (including the Escape, the Focus, the Mustang, the Edge, and the Flex) with record-low prices. We even boast specialty marques - such as the ROUSH Supercharger - to satisfy every full-throttle need.

Are high speeds and high performance not enough to tempt you to our dealership? The Key West team also offers prizes, with every 2016 Ford purchase earning a 49-inch Phillips Smart TV.

It’s time to find the perfect car (and the perfect reward). Visit Key West Ford to take advantage of our Customer Appreciation Sale. This exclusive event ends today... so don’t delay!

To learn more about the Customer Appreciation Sale - as well as our other current promotions, including our Bi-Weekly F-150 and Escape SE events - contact us today.

The Customer Appreciation Sale Continues At Key West Ford

(Posted on May 26, 2016 at 11:13AM by Lee Byard)
customer appreciation car sale vancouver bcSince 1985 Key West Ford has served as the Lower Mainland’s premier automotive dealer - connecting our customers to the world’s leading marques and delivering B.C.’s biggest rewards. We’ve strived to promote exceptional service and equally exceptional pricing, and at the heart of every decision is the need to satisfy drivers.

That satisfaction will soon reach new heights - with our Customer Appreciation Sale continuing through May 31st!

We believe that our customers deserve superior savings. This is why we’ve launched a week-long extravaganza, providing them with the discounts they crave. Discover the Lower Mainland’s largest inventory of new and used vehicles (including the Escape, the Focus, the Mustang, and the Fusion). All boast dealer-wide mark-downs, ensuring the best prices in B.C..

To further show our appreciation for decades of loyalty, we’re also offering our customers exciting prizes - including a 49-inch Phillips Smart TV with the purchase of any 2016 Ford model! Pair high-performance with high-definition.

The Customer Appreciation Sale lasts until May 31st. To learn more about this event (as well as our other current promotions) contact Key west Ford today.