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301 Stewardson Way, New Westminster, BC V3M 2A5
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Great place
We went to key west to trade in our car. We didn’t know what to expect. The staff made it a positive experience. We are now enjoying our new 2018 Ford Escape Titanium.
My Purchase with Peter Olson
When I met Peter he first started by asked as many questions as he could about the truck I was looking for. My use of the truck, the age of the truck, the price range, interior style, preferred colour and so on. Peter called and had a few trucks for me to look at and drive to compare. I spent about 3 hours with Peter and it was a casual afternoon and a lot of questions were answered.I enjoyed my purchase with Peter.
Glad we’re lost!!
Me and my wife was lost looking for the car dealer we want to go so glad we passed by Keywest Ford and met Allan. He’s such a terrific salesperson. He’s got answers to all our questions and a lot of things he could suggest for a very good deal. Our Experience going there was 👍🏼 Great!!!customer service is awesome!!! And we went back home with our dream car!! Thanks as well Gurj for all your help!!! 👍🏼👍🏼👌
Positive Experience
We purchased a truck from Colton H. Yesterday. It was a pleasure working with him.. He was professional, personable and efficient. The whole process was positive ......even the financing with Nicholas T (who was very accommodating, informative and pleasant) was stress free. Thanks to both of you! Nancy and Brad
Fantastic Salesman, beware additional fees!
I purchased a vehicle from Alan at the beginning of the month and he was a pleasure to work with. Very quick response to my email enquiry and set up a test drive at my convenience. He was friendly and professional throughout the entire process making sure that the whole transaction was a pleasant one. However, the dealership has a couple of additional fees they add to your purchase after you've agreed to a price. A $199 insurance transfer fee and a $795 service fee which added $1000 to the final invoice presented for signature. No mention of these fees before this which was disappointing. Fees are a necessary evil when buying a vehicle but this dealership needs to be up front about them like they are with the documentation fee of $599.
Fantastic experience!
We have just purchased a car from Robert and it was a great experience. We inquired about a car via email and Robert was extremely fast to respond by email as well as by phone. Robert was very friendly and professional and helped us to purchase the exact car we wanted. The whole transaction was fast and painless due to a great team at Key West Ford Sales Ltd. I would recommend Robert to anyone who looks for a new or a used car. Thank you very much!
New F150 purchase
Right from when I drove onto the lot Robert was very professional and knowledgeable and easy to deal with which made the whole process of purchasing my first truck a breeze.
Wife's first car !
I went to key West to find a vehicle for my wife for Christmas. Stressed out with all the garbage on Craigslist al helped me get into I decent vehicle and make her morning special. This was my second vehicle purchased from key West and i will be back for my third. Thanks Allen
Sales Experience
Dealt with Jag in sales and Nicholas in Financing. Great experience with both guys. No BS ! The perfect way to buy a vehicle. Would definitely deal with these guys again
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Vancouver Used Car Dealers bc Canada

(Posted on Jul 27, 2011 at 12:22PM by Mimi K)
Curious to know the secret of enjoying a great automobile? Put aside all the hype and conjecture, and think about the one thing - that elusive quality that is often the difference between success and failure in any industry - and you will arrive at obvious conclusion: service is the essence of buying and driving a good car. This philosophy is at the center of everything Key West Ford does, a belief in the integrity of applying their proven expertise to every car they service.
With quality service, you have the peace of mind to take your car on the road -- and drive in happiness. For Key West Ford recognizes that a car requires intelligent maintenance, backed by professionals who understand your needs and the specific requirements of your vehicle. Forget guesswork and false promises, Key West Ford understands the true meaning of service: the creation of a lifelong union with customers who value trust, transparency, respect, accessibility and an appreciation for superb craftsmanship. Do yourself a favour, and visit Key West Ford to learn more about these principles. Happy motoring!
For all New Vehicles with A-Plan pricing take an additional $250 off now at Key West FORD. Offer is in effect until August 2nd, 2011.

 Call us today and find out all the details Key West Ford   301 Stewardson Way NEW WESTMINSTER, BC V3M 2A5 Call   Sales 1 (866) 579-1111
Since we're in the middle of summer, that joyful time when the weather is supreme (and hopefully not too hot) and driving is a recreational activity for individuals and families, you deserve to give yourself a treat. Certainly a better treat than a scoop of ice cream or a cold drink, though either is refreshing as the temperature climbs and the inviting comfort of a cool breeze beckons. How about enjoying that breeze, courtesy of a beautiful convertible from Key West Ford? Not just convertibles, but amazing coupes and sedans and trucks, too. All manner of new and pre-owned vehicles that make driving a fun - and unforgettable - experience.
A visit to Key West Ford is also an occasion to enjoy the exceptional service and professionalism of this acclaimed member of the community. By helping customers, and through its support for any number of local activities, Key West Ford proves it is a leader. A true member of the family, both by reputation and deeds. Finding that right car - the automobile to commemorate the excitement of summer - starts by working with the top professionals at Key West Ford.
Dedicated, resourceful and respectful, these professionals uphold the principles that Key West Ford embodies: a commitment to creating a union of supporters who have a diverse array of interests, united by an appreciation for the way Key West Ford approaches the marketing, sale and maintenance of all vehicles. Do yourself a favour, and stop by Key West Ford.

used car dealerships lower mainland

(Posted on Jun 23, 2011 at 03:16PM by Mimi K)
Effective marketing is the result of trust. Period. Unless an individual or business has the trust of consumers, everything else is irrelevant. Products may generate positive attention and sales, yes, but those numbers are meaningless - and they will drop - unless there is integrity. Key West Ford understands this point, both as a practical necessity and as a moral imperative. So does Steven Arsenault, the president of One Big Broadcast, one of Key West Ford's partners involving outreach to current and prospective customers.

In this interview, Steven details the innovative services One Big Broadcast offers and the efforts responsible for Key West Ford's successful use of social media. Concerning the latter, Steven provides insightful analysis about Key West Ford's respectful - and sincere - outreach to fans who share the same values: honesty, transparency, reliability and an overall dedication to excellence. Steven's leadership on behalf of One Big Broadcast is the same spirit -- a belief that we, as consumers, deserve the best service and patience from businesses.

Listen to this interview, and learn from the examples of Key West Ford and One Big Broadcast. Listen to the audio of this interview at One Big Broadcast

Used New Car Incentives FORD bc Key West FORD

(Posted on Jun 21, 2011 at 02:27PM by Mimi K)
Manufacturer's suggested retail price FORD EMPLOYEE PRICING for all NEW Vehicles. We have also set up an "internal" program running for ALL used Vehicles called a K-Plan. How this EMPLOYEE PRICING works as follows: You, the customer, gets to pay at A-Plan pricing, which is reflected on our invoices ( FORD ) instead of MSRP ( Manufacturer's suggested retail pricing )

Pricing is in the range of $500 to, upwards of $10,000 OFF the MSRP price, depending upon the particular unit, or vehicle. After this, if there are any further " incentives" available to the Customer, that will also be taken off as well. This "FORD EMPLOYEE PRICING" is generally the biggest part of our ( Key West FORD's ) business. The Program started on June the 16th 2011 and will run till the end of August 2011.

FORD sale ALL new used cars trucks Key West FORD bc Canada

(Posted on Jun 10, 2011 at 04:20PM by Mimi K)
Key West FORD Customer Appreciation Sale, this weekend June 10-12th Special pricing on ALL new and used vehicles. Refreshments, service specials and a HUGE flat screen TV. All you have to do is “show up” We look forward to seeing you and your family this weekend at Key West FORD
The 1966 Cobra is a car lover's fantasy, a proverbial museum piece: the muscle car upon which all fans must pay homage, an example of brilliant engineering and performance. To simply hear the car - and the sound of a Cobra is unmistakable, not a hiss but a roar; the car has the ferocity of a snake with the amplification of a lion - to hear the power of the engine is to know true power. That car is the standard by which all other handcrafted works of beauty shall be judged.

The Cobra is, simply put, a legend. For us mere mortals, we can admire the car, but owning it is, alas, a dream. Thankfully, the talented professionals have a solution: an AC Cobra Replica, a work of art in its own right, an opportunity for car lovers to drive an awesome automobile. This car will capture people's attention, win praise for its excellent handling, draw whispers (the good kind!) and make you a master of the universe. Which brings us back to the genius of Key West Ford: their service is exceptional, a testament to giving consumers the very best automobiles - including the AC Cobra Replica! - and always - yes, always - providing the assistance people want. By these standards, Key West Ford is like that famed Cobra: brilliant, respected and unforgettable.

Check out our inventory for pricing.


Call us at 1.866.579.1111 and one of our sale representative will be able to help you.

We will entertain all offers.

Key West Ford
Urgent, Urgent, Urgent.  Key West Ford is having a 1 Day Sale on Wednesday Jun 8.  We are giving an ADVANCED WARNING TO THE PUBLIC to contact us early for BEST PICK.  When you call in at 1.866.579.1111 or email to, make sure you give us this Code "Advance Sale" and the vehicle you are looking for to jump ahead of the public and get tomorrow's 1 Day Sale Pricing TODAY.

Hurry and contact us today.  Your next vehicle could be sitting on our lot today. 
Interview with Flynn Yeo, Operations Manager at Key West Ford on innovative use of social media with their web platform on Blog Talk Radio.

The first of our weekly radio broadcasts talking about the importance of customer service combined with innovation. Key West Ford has earned a solid position as a strong player in the business community. So much so that it has an excellent reputation with the Better Business Bureau. Flynn is responsible for Key West Ford’s move to an interactive web platform that enables customers to quickly find the car or truck they are looking for using a mobile device or from their desk tops at home. As social media becomes more and more mainstream Key West Ford’s use of integrated social media allows the dealership to connect in more innovative ways with a wide range of possible clients. One example is the use of a Facebook application called ‘Your Greatest Road Trip’. By connecting with users and their network of friends the fun and innovative contest allows the Key West Ford brand to be spread far and wide to a larger potential user base of future and current customers – using a medium like social networking and the Internet that is constantly changing. The ultimate goal is to be in the minds of vehicle purchasers in the lower mainland of Vancouver.

When people search for new cars Vancouver, new trucks Vancouver, used cars Vancouver, used trucks Vancouver, new cars Lower Mainland, new trucks Lower Mainland, used cars Lower Mainland, used trucks Lower Mainland – Key West Ford’s goal is to be at the top of search and in the various social media spots.

Hear the interview live here:

Listen to internet radio with keywestford on Blog Talk Radio