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Great visit
Jag and Kal were great to deal with! Both were professional and helped me every step of the way when I purchased my new vehicle. I would recommend these guys for sure.
Great helpful personel
Everything went like clockwork from the pickup at ferry terminal to meeting with pete olson at dealership and finalizing the deal many thanks mike walter
Best experience with a dealership
Best experience ive had with a car dealership, i felt connected with the people i had the pleasure of working with, very kind and accommodating really felt like they wanted to help me get a good deal.
Outstanding Dealership and People
Top notch Professionalism and Courtesy displayed by everyone involved in my deal, would recommend to anyone without hesitation, could not be happier with this Outstanding Dealership and People!!
First Time Purchase
As first time new car purchasers, my fiancé and I were delighted with the experience of purchasing our new 2018 Ford Escape. Peter made us feel at ease, and let us see a variety of vehicles, even going as far as pulling them out of their parking spots to let us see each and every car in a bit more open area. Peter was kind, light-hearted and didn’t make us feel pressured into making any decisions. He was up front about the previous ownership of the vehicle we decided on, and even printed off the reports for us to keep. When we had further questions, he brought Wes over to meet with us and discuss the vehicle further. It was so nice, being first time buyers, to have a pressure-free and up front conversation about our new purchase. We highly recommend Peter, and the entire Key West team, to help you find your new vehicle!
Best Deal Ever
Friendly people,they set me up with a very nice deal! I‘m able to get everything done in one day!I would go to these guys again
Great Experience, Great Deal!
We arrived just before the dealership was to open and Jag came out and welcomed us in and helped us immediately. He quickly located the vehicle we were looking at and brought it to us. Jag was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. We decided on the vehicle and we worked out a great deal. I also wanted to send a thank-you to Ivan and Gurj! Overall we are very happy with our vehicle, very happy with our deal and extremely satisfied with our overall experience. I would have no problem recommending Jag and Key West Ford!
Exactly the vehicle we were looking for
Robert was extremely knowledgeable and personable from the first phone call to his most recent follow up call. We had done our research and were looking for a specific Ford F150 that could pull our fifth wheel trailer. Robert listened carefully and suggested that we come in and see the one used vehicle that met our criteria. Never pushy but friendly and excellent at his job. Wanted to make the deal but willing to negotiate and make sure that we satisfied with the process. Highly recommend Robert to any of my friends and thanks for making the buying experience pleasurable.
Great Experience
We recently purchased a new Ford Escape and were impressed with the friendly and courteous service. Lino and Wes were very helpful and knowledgeable. They patiently and confidently answered our many questions and guided us through the process with ease. Thank you also to Jeff who promptly assisted us when we returned the next day with a couple of questions when Lino and Wes were not available. Overall, we appreciated the attentive service from all staff from our initial visit through the financing and insurance.
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Latest Ford News For Vancouver And New Westminster B.C. Drivers

What’s that sound? Could it be the echo of Mustangs on the horizon, still racing toward Ontario’s Country Heritage Park? The hoofs have long since gone but their memories remain - because the Ford Stampede can’t be forgotten.

On July 26th Mustang devotees from across North America gathered in Ontario. There they each showcased their beloved cars, with convertibles, fastbacks, hardtops, and other models filling the historic acres of Heritage Park. This was the Stampede, an annual event intended to celebrate all things pony-powered. It delivered over 300 exhibitions and a swell of chrome-loving spectators. 

The Key West team wishes we could’ve been there. We’ll have to content ourselves, however, with this exclusive footage just released from Ford Canada. Check it out!

The Ford Stampede was an undeniable success - and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year.

To learn more about this and other Ford events contact us today.

Ford Europe Launches Hilarious Interviews With Children

(Posted on Aug 30, 2015 at 08:50AM by Lee Byard)

There’s one certainty in show business: children will say anything - and everything - when placed in front of a camera. They have no filters; they have no worries; and every second proves perfect for stealing the spotlight.

Ford Europe knows this - which is why it recently set up interviews with elementary students, asking them each to reveal their parents’ driving habits. No one was surprised by the hilarious results. Watch below!

Ford Europe’s study of parental driving behaviors wasn’t just for humor. Instead it showcased specific trends throughout France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK. Consider some of these statistics:

Tendency to Speed When Frustrated

13% of German drivers.
4% of Italian drivers.

Tendency to Shout When Frustrated

22% of French drivers.
12% of Italian drivers.

Tendency to Threaten When Frustrated

15% of UK drivers.
5% of German drivers.

By examining these traits, Ford Europe can more readily identify how its consumers respond to the road - and adapt their designs accordingly.

To learn more about this and other Ford studies contact us today.

And don’t forget: your children are always watching!

Watch Vaughn Gittin Jr. Take The SYNC 3 For A Spin

(Posted on Aug 30, 2015 at 08:29AM by Lee Byard)

Vaughn Gittin Jr. is an undeniable force within the world of racing. His Formula Drift career spans years and titles, with each rev of the engine earning him victories at the D1 Grand Prix, the WDS, the Circuit Trois-Rivieres, and beyond. He’s no stranger to speed.

Who better, therefore, to try out the fast interface of Ford's SYNC 3?

Watch below as Gittin Jr. and Ford team up for a SYNC experience like no other - with the professional drifter testing the system’s efficiency during race-like conditions.

The SYNC 3 promises high-speed performance. Through voice-activated operations, capacitive touch technology, and seamless smartphone integration, it allows drivers to instantly connect with the data they need - even when they’re barreling down the track. It’s an intuitive platform that enhances every mile.

SYNC 3 is currently available on: the 2016 Fiesta, the 2016 Mustang, the 2016 Escape, the 2016 Expedition, and the 2016 Transit. Want to try it out? Schedule a test-drive at Key West Ford today!

Be sure to contact us with any questions or comments as well.

2015 langley cruise in bc

The 32nd GVMA Roundup has passed - but Key West Ford isn’t ready to stop celebrating. Instead we’re revving up our ROUSH line-up and heading to the Langley Cruise-In!

On September 12th, the Cruise-In begins. This annual event - which takes place along the Fraser Highway, with exhibits featured from 206 Street to 208 Street - gathers car clubs from across North America, attracting an endless series of convertibles, coupes, and classic fastbacks. Expect showcases from the top manufacturers as drivers roll into Langley.

Among these showcases will be Key West Ford. We have five vehicles to premiere at the Cruise-In, including: a 2015 ROUSH Mustang supercharger, a 2014 ROUSH Mustang RS3, an AIM Performance F-650, a 2006 ROUSH Mustang, and a 2013 ROUSH F-150 Phase 2. Each of these boasts exceptional styling and undeniable power, and we can’t wait for you to see them!


2015 Langley Cruise-In


September 12th


8 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Donations requested. All proceeds will be divided among:

The Langley Community Support Service
The Valley Therapeutic Equestrian Association
The Langley Memorial Hospital Auxiliary
The Boys and Girls Club
The Douglas Park Elementary Association
Legacy Walter Search

Key West Ford will soon be roaring into Langley - and we hope you’ll follow us there! To learn more about this event visit our community calendar.

Feel free to contact us as well with any questions or comments.

The road to Cooperstown is long. Those traveling in the Ford Escape, however, will experience nothing but smooth miles and easy shifting - taking advantage of a 2.0L EcoBoost engine, Ti-VCT performance, and turbocharged capabilities. This SUV hits a home-run in efficiency.

It also never strays into foul territory, as Ford Motors’ representative, JB, recently discovered. Watch as he - along with Hall of Fame inductees Frank Thomas and John Smoltz - complete their Cooperstown adventure.

The Ford Escape promises exceptional performance on every road - even ones leading to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Its aero-active design delivers adaptability, while its Intelligent 4WD allows for superior torque distribution. Combine this with 240 HP for pure crossover fun.

The journey to Cooperstown has come to an end. The Key West team knows, however, that Ford will soon launch its Escape on another expedition... and we can’t wait to watch!

To learn more about the Escape contact us today.

Ford Works To Prevent Spider Infestations

(Posted on Aug 24, 2015 at 01:31AM by Lee Byard)

In 1997 Doctors Peter Muris, Harald Merckelbach and Ron Collaris launched an innovative study - one of childhood phobias and learned behaviors. The intention was to discover the correlation between terror and neural pathways, mapping how adolescents responded to different stimuli. It was supposed to illuminate the effects of fear.

What it actually did was prove that children are most frightened of spiders. Almost 90% of the participants listed these creatures as their number one concern - with being kidnapped (40%), facing predators (35%) and staying in the dark (35%) trailing distantly behind. Young minds don’t appreciate eight legs.

Ford doesn’t either. This is why it’s dedicated a team of engineers to keep these bugs out of cars, trucks and crossovers. Watch below to see what’s being done in the fight against arachnids.

There are many spiders in BC. Ford’s unique screening process, however, helps to keep these insects out of sight and out of cars - allowing drivers to focus on the road instead of what could be lurking beneath their seats.

The Key West team is extremely grateful for this. What about you?

To learn more about Ford’s spider efforts click here.

Be sure to contact us with any questions or comments as well.

ford mustang for sale new westminster bcThe day has finally come. The 32nd GVMA Roundup will soon begin!

At 8:30 a.m. the George Preston Recreational Centre will open its gates, allowing guests to stroll through hundreds of Mustang showcases. Discover spectacular vehicles - including convertibles, coupes, fastbacks, SVOs and more - as car club participants from across North America pull into Langley. It’s going to be the ultimate pony event!

And we’ll be there!

Join Key West Ford as we deliver Mustang knowledge (along with a special Ford F-150 Platinum exhibit) at the Roundup. Come chat with us to learn about our upcoming promotions, inventory options and more.

Afraid you’ll get lost while heading to the Roundup? Never fear, BC drivers: just follow the convoy of Mustangs... and check out this handy map.

Come to Langley today for an experience like no other. It’s time for the GVMA extravaganza!

In 1991 Ford introduced the world to the Explorer - a mid-size SUV that delivered a Cologne V6 engine, four-wheel power and the then-astounding Touch Drive system (electric push-button shifting). It was promoted as the perfect option for families and adventurers alike.

That hasn’t changed - because the 2016 Ford Explorer offers the same road-conquering capabilities as its predecessors. Watch below as it utilizes it Terrain Management System to dominate every incline.

The 2016 Explorer - with its 2.0L EcoBoost engine, twin-scroll turbocharger and Intelligent Drivetrain - promises exceptional performance in every environment. It draws inspiration from the generations that came before it, channeling their best designs into a single chassis. The result is nothing short of SUV perfection.

Don’t believe us? Check out this exclusive Explorer gallery, getting an up-close look at the model’s redesigned fascia, custom interior and more.

Be sure to contact us as well with any questions about the 2016 Explorer and other Ford SUVs.

On August 18th Key West Ford shared the start of a unique journey - one of baseballs and SYNC 3 navigation. The Ford Escape was making its way toward Cooperstown, and we were all along for the ride.

Now it’s time to see the second part of this Hall of Fame trek. Watch below as Ford Motors’ representative, JB, continues to explore both the countryside and the Escape’s many tech options: including hands-free calling, voice-activated infotainment controls, map guidance systems and more.

The Ford Escape offers a history of innovation. Since 2001 it’s been a top performer on the sales charts, delivering Atkinson power, EcoBoost efficiency and direct injection precision. The 2016 model continues this tradition of strength and economy - making it the perfect choice for a trip to Cooperstown.

We can’t wait to see what happens next!

To learn more about the Ford Escape contact us today.

2015 gvma mustang roundup bcPrepare to celebrate, Mustang fans: the 32nd GVMA Roundup starts tomorrow!

Join Key West Ford and the Greater Vancouver Mustang Association as we bring pony-power to BC. The gates at the George Preston Recreation Centre open at 8:30 a.m., connecting guests to custom, current and classic cars. Drivers from across North America are revving toward Langley. Meet them all at the Roundup!


August 23rd


George Preston Recreation Centre
20699 - 42 Ave
Langley, BC

Car Classes

Stock Cars
Modified cars
Radically Modified Cars

Key West Ford’s Participation

We’re highlighting one of Ford’s other signature vehicles: the F-350 Platinum.

The 32nd GVMA Roundup promises spectacular showcases - from Cobras to Mach 1s, Saleens to Shelbys, and every model in between. Don’t miss out on all of that chrome!

To learn more about the Roundup visit its official page or take a peek at our community calendar.

Be sure to drop by our Platinum exhibit tomorrow. We can’t wait to see you!